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>I just realized that i forgotten my weekly blog post………….

>I was doing HW from my tutor and came across my favorite story
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut
at some point of your life you have read this….
the last three line is the line that i realize it was the story
“Gee-I could tell that one was doozy,” said Hazel
“You could say that again,” said George.
“Gee-“said Hazel, “I could tell that one was doozy.”
does these line ring any bell??
I love this story and i felt the connection between Harrison Bergeron and me.
I did not die  but i did die internally.
The pressure to become what i have been told by majority of people to do……….


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>THis blog is ALMOST DEAD

>I just realized that now i have less visitors Highest for this blog is 10 in one day
now almost no visitor
i am raising lot of attention on my Facebook and most of my friends are mad at me hahaha

I wish this was moved to this blog
i need more people on my blog T_T send my URLS to your friends and Family 

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>Atheism or Agnosticism which is right for you

>Over the last couple of day i been asked
if was Agnostic i didn’t know what i meant i asked got an answer similar to Atheism
but there is difference between these two almost  identical Religious views

means that there is no god and i have proof of everything from the start

takes in the both idea of there is no god but i think i will believe some parts of religion

I am Atheist and in my opinion Agnosticism isn’t really something people should have chosen but who am i to do the choosing for you just like Religious people can tell me that i have to believe in there religion i can`t tell someone you cant believe any Religion

what is my explanation toward the Genesis of the world
Nobody knows not yet anyway i have my theories
until there is solid reasoning this peace will not come


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>Blogger lets me check what you used to see

>It feels creepy
under stats what kind of computer and what kind of browser
It even knew that i used wii…..
and apparently i have least one Linux geek out there

Netherlands was just plain random…..
From this page i expected more I OS then this

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>THe bible

>The Bible.
The Bible was written by primitive men over 2000 years ago (over many years). It contains hundreds of self contradictions, inconsistencies and unfulfilled prophecies. It condones slavery, rape and murder. For example, it orders Christians to kill homosexuals, adulterers, witches, nonbelievers, women who are not virgins before married and anyone who works on the sabbath day. Sadly, there are many more. Why would such brutal acts be included, not to mind being justified and ordered, in the “Holy Book”? My answer is that it was written 2000 years ago by primitive and violent men trying to establish order through fear.

The Bible was written, sorted and edited by fallible, violent and primitive men over thousands of years.

This is what i am talking about examples is simple yet very effective i would have written this by myself but I have too much HW 

You can see the full reasoning up URL i think she has good reasoning and she is our age ^^

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>My B-day is coming

>My Brithday is coming
if you wish to give me something and dont know what to give me you can “donate” money

20% of donation will be directed to Freedom From Religion Foundation

Thanks and the other i will buy a camera to shoot podcast hahah


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>Just a joke


This is just a Joke this is from Onion News they make all kind of joke
Thought it will cheer some people up its Monday

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>Ahhhhh lets talk about…

>My 2nd post something that i never did
so lets get back to the topic
So is god real??
Why Atheist are Atheist and why Religious people religious??
tell me what you think and comment I will love to respond to every comment



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