>THe bible

07 Oct

>The Bible.
The Bible was written by primitive men over 2000 years ago (over many years). It contains hundreds of self contradictions, inconsistencies and unfulfilled prophecies. It condones slavery, rape and murder. For example, it orders Christians to kill homosexuals, adulterers, witches, nonbelievers, women who are not virgins before married and anyone who works on the sabbath day. Sadly, there are many more. Why would such brutal acts be included, not to mind being justified and ordered, in the “Holy Book”? My answer is that it was written 2000 years ago by primitive and violent men trying to establish order through fear.

The Bible was written, sorted and edited by fallible, violent and primitive men over thousands of years.

This is what i am talking about examples is simple yet very effective i would have written this by myself but I have too much HW 

You can see the full reasoning up URL i think she has good reasoning and she is our age ^^

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  1. angela

    October 30, 2010 at 7:05 am

    >WHOOO! spent an hour again. :] go on the site, im angela.


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