>Are you GOOD or EVIL

13 Nov

>Are people Evil? Where is the line of Evil 

Evil – morally wrong or bad(From

Definition of Evil sets us with another vague line of Our thoughts move the line where a person is considered Evil. I myself believe that Evil is from what they got to give to the world because they received harms from the world. Christianity states all men were Born Evil and only Jesus can wash your sins away (Something like that……^^;;). But the book of Prince Written in the Renaissances by Niccolo Machiavelli stets 

.The Prince is a treatise (a long prose work that systematically discusses an idea) on what a ruler needs to do to maintain political power while withstanding attacks by foreign powers.

So If I were to kill 50 men to stay in the position of Leader its okay? Or  Machiavelli was able to say this because he was in much older in time where death could have been your punishment(If and only if You committed that big of a crime). That is certainly not true North Korea is kinda capable of hold its power under Kim Jung Ill because of the torture, Death, and imprisonment that he use to control people. Could be but when he stepped in as leader his Dream wasnt to do that to convince people(Or I hope it wasnt…)

What is Your line of Evil? 
Do you think It depends on what situation Your in right now?

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