>Worlds End It wont be here!!!!!!

15 Jan

>I haven`t post for a while because I couldn’t think of thing to write about Recently I saw a video on Comcast(xfinity if you want) called Decoded on History channel on demand
It talks about basic stuff when people talk about Worlds end.
I will only talk about part I didn’t know such as  Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, The Bible, WebBot, and a guy from CIA(This guy is so secretive that this post might get filtered ROFL)

I will start with Hopi(only cause the video starts with Hopi hahaha)
Hopi Indians live in Arizona they are famous for predicting The World Wide web, Two World Wars

this is better picture then they show on the video. the M`s are the War or Earthquakes that will appen before the World ends. Hs are the the World leaders that have gone by. The Hopis predicted that the world ends in a catastrophic death by Fire/Water/Earthquake that will end everything a sign will appear a blue star (Just few years ago I think, NASA found a Blue star that is reaching the Earth don`t know when and if it will collide)The cause of Earthquake is debatable since so many different ways to start a wave that will plow through Earths Crust
2Nd thing on our list Nostradamus
He is a French Prophet that predicted many things like French Revolution, Napoleon, The Booming of Hiroshima. Nostradamus predicts a similar things like other Apocalypse  prediction have been.
Book of Revelation 
Ok as an atheist i feel weird writing about Bible Bible predicts simple things
Red blood colored sea that was lead by a mountain fire Many people refers this event as the BP`s Oil spill and everyone knows the Bibles ending right??

This is a project that launched 1997 the creators of this Computer program makers Clif High, along with his associate George Ure are very careful about how this works 
This Web Bot has few claims that it predicted the 9/11 and the 2004 Earth quake(in which the computer gave a # of people injured)
The Web Bot has predicted NOTHING the graph has a data gap after 2012/12/21 
This guy is a math genius This is how it works
he assign # of personality then through equations he predicts stuff like the presidents lost in election 
(Watch the video I dont know lot about this)
Here is my thoughts THERE IS NO WORLD END
These things the people 100s years ago said wrote or the modern machines predicting stuff are both unbelievable sorce
The Prophets are very vague as they can be intrepid for many things
Machines are great the WebBots claim can be contradicted the WebBot expert on the video says the Program takes in the conversation of people on the web and does things to it and its able to put out words to predict things Well any chatting programs have high encrypted on it sometime even the companies them selves cannot read about what there users are saying(Like RIM`s BlackBerry)
This is TWO main reason why i don`t believe in World ending any time soon
And I am a very Skeptic in nature I am an Atheist after all
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One response to “>Worlds End It wont be here!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    January 15, 2011 at 8:53 am

    >Okayyyy. So. Well you just listed the 'evidences' of worlds end. Haha you say there is no reliable source for the world's end that is 'happening soon'. Well do you have reliable source that that supports how the world won't end? Everything corrodes and has an end to it somehow. There is no exception for the earth just because you find it not plausible to you. So if you reallllyyyy want to get into this, all you will have will be a theory. We don't know how the world began or will end. The big bang theory and the movie 2012 is strictly a THEORY. They're hypotheses which we cannot prove. Those things you think are objectical still need your faith in order for you to believe them. -Angela


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