WTF even a baby is smarter then these peopl

22 May

>I recently came across a video about gay teen and the church trying to “help” by “driving out” the homosexual “demon”(that was lot of quotes)
And watching this video gave me a question
No a statement
If science can’t do it religion can’t
Because science has the reason that they can legitly back up thier result is
Where as church would drive this phycological crazymess into my head so that they can force me to become what they want me to be
This kid doesn’t know WTF is going on and he thinks it’s working
You see if someone did that to me I would hold out the middle figure and leave why? Cause it’s not going to work and mo way your changing who I am

The link will be posted later on in the comment

Update Here is the VIdeo

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Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Serious Thought, WTF


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