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Not COOL~~

Remeber Dispicable Me NOT COOL
Well my parents and I got into a fight about my grades and suddenly my mom talks about how I don’t hang out with my firends as much as my sister
At first she thought I had no friends
And then she aksed me if I am not invited to any movies or something
Well THE TRUTH IS U(My mom) didn’t LET ME GO!!!
wow and my mom says nothing for a while
To break the slience that was going on I asked “why didn’t u let me go??”
She replys “cuz ur school friends are bad people…Christian I trust”
I was shocked….. As I hung out with my friends both christian and Atheist and others Christians swore the most…. What!?!?! U might say but it’s truue and I am not the only one who feels that way
I told my mom this and she says”no ur lying”
Hope my mom comes to a rightful answer oneday…..



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I recently posted on my facebook about the move and asked many of my friends to help me on my blog One of my Christian friend has agreed to join in and start posting I don’t know extacly when she will start but Be sure to look for. Her post!!!

Love any of subscribers 0-0


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Ok So I have decided that i am going got move my blog from blog spot to Word-press just because there is an iPod app that i can use to post anytime easily!!
Sorry for anyone who isnt fan of this site I am not so happy about this move either but only way

My YouTube channel has something to with my new account`s Nickname!!

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OMFG so there are few major things that are about to happen

1. VIDEO BLOG 0-0 on YouTube
my channel is called H31Vry5 I know it’s weird but I wanted something weird
I don’t regret that I registered for it 0-0 because I get to meet new people and share ideas
3. My cousins are coming I asked them to bring me computer books HAHAHA NERDINESS RIGHT THERE
4. SAT
I AM GONNA be a junior that means studying hard I wll try to keep posting but Yes I might not do so so frequently
I am thinking of switching to wordpress becuase there is Free app that I can easily use So if that happens I will inform u guys assuming there is people reading this 0-0


Update : I am in fact moving to T..T
Visit ht new site!

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Count down to Chruch Retreat


I have officially gone crazy I AM GOING TO CHURCH RETREAT!!!!
I still don’t really thunk it’s would be that bad hopefully it won’t be bad as my last one haha
Let’s this how they react when I tell them I am atheist haha
I will try to make post during the retreat everyday and I will post a video too if I can ROFL
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Ok so after declaring that I will read the Bible I found out I need to get my hands on one ROFL I don’t want my parents knowing this just cuz I don’t want them knowing anything that I do!!

I decided that I am going to start Vblog about My life and the progress on how much I read the Bible HAHAHA I am not going to announce my Channel name yet but I am registered And making video hahaha Look for me on Youtube

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Video Blog?!?!

I feel like I am blogging for nothing so I decided that over the summer I am going to do Video blog or vblog on YouTube….

I haven’t thought of any channel name but expect something nerdy hahaha

If any of Human kind is reading this please give me ideas for Channel name