Not COOL~~

21 Jun

Remeber Dispicable Me NOT COOL
Well my parents and I got into a fight about my grades and suddenly my mom talks about how I don’t hang out with my firends as much as my sister
At first she thought I had no friends
And then she aksed me if I am not invited to any movies or something
Well THE TRUTH IS U(My mom) didn’t LET ME GO!!!
wow and my mom says nothing for a while
To break the slience that was going on I asked “why didn’t u let me go??”
She replys “cuz ur school friends are bad people…Christian I trust”
I was shocked….. As I hung out with my friends both christian and Atheist and others Christians swore the most…. What!?!?! U might say but it’s truue and I am not the only one who feels that way
I told my mom this and she says”no ur lying”
Hope my mom comes to a rightful answer oneday…..



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Posted by on June 21, 2011 in DrLuciferZ`s Post


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