AHH glad to be back

07 Jul

Ok its been few days since I came back from the Retreat…..

and I promised a video but I was fed up with SAT Class stuff that I couldn’t post anything

So here is the overview of what went on

(I didn’t really get anything out of the sermons given though they were pretty interesting!!)

BTW the Theme was Greater Things….(There is a reason for this T..T)


Nothing really happened but since i was new they didn’t realize where to put me….So the small group leaders put me in Girls cabin….. ROFL……T..T oh and I told my small group that i was atheist their reaction wasn’t so crazy (if U are atheist u know what I mean -0-)

Day DoS!!

The second day was more interesting….. Patin-balls!!!!! I had fun doing that so more serious sermon when on and I thought that I could relate to the passage that fact that even as teenager we can do more then what we are expected to do by the today’s society standard. which really touched me because I feel like that many things in my life restrict me from becoming a better person.

Day Tre5

The third day was less interesting… We had a talent show before that of course a sermon was given and as the last full day many cried especially because the pastor for our Ministry was leaving… So he wanted to tell us that he is not leaving because he is being kicked out or anything but he is moving to spread the word of the god….(like I care) So abut that talent show…. It was a competition between the guys and the girls and the winning team get Meat Buffet(Best way i can describe it…)my group did a OK job but 8th grade guys showed boner… with a wooden stick… Guys had a huge deduction from this therefore we all thought we lost.. but the guys leaders were awesome!!!

This link will lead you to the Fan page find the video and just watch ROFL

Last day

Last day was nothing but coming back… No one knew who won and the bus drivers new only one team is going well both drove to the restaurant

The GUYS lost…….

But the guys still got to eat I guess its church thing ROFL

Overall I had fun time there I am planning to attend the next one if I get the chance…

There is one thing I felt deeply inside my heart…….. I am Chris….tian??? Sike jk jk

I thought as a human we need something to be depend upon and to them its Christianity

Hope that we don’t need religion to depend on in few decades


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