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Doctor Who? Insanity of my mind

If ur my friend on facebook few weeks ago I had the doctor who craze haha
I saw the whole season 5 and 6 in less then a month and I am waiting for the next season where hoping the cast won’t change I ❤ River Song and Amelia Pond!!!!!
Till now I enjoyed the show as just a show but let's say this is real stuff
Silence is a scary things but I am not here to talk about those monsters
I want to talk about the star of the show the Doctor
During the last EP of season 5 River suggests an idea so compelling for people like me
"I hate magicians and good guys in those stories, it always turns out to be the doctor"
What a thought what if there was a time traveller that saves the day and he could be the good guys like Jesus and Budda and so on
I know it's a crazy talk but wouldn't it be the ultimate downfall of all religion 0-0

Hahaha I would be so not surprised if this actually happened
My friends call me insane for even having this idea but hey when ur atheist u short of already insane

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We are one greedy animals we make money off of everything we possibly can and it’s gotten bad

Over last few years the economy of this country and others has been very bad.

I believe there is one solution get the freakin churches and big corporations to pay tax. I know it’s risky thing but think about how much money US government can roll in. We need to consider this seriously Apple Inc. has more money then the Government. Don’t you think that’s wrong?

But what does this have to do with church well according to my History teacher churches don’t pay tax
Now correct me if I am wrong but don’t u think churches should pay taxes?? I mean my church has enough money to build another building and buy more lands and as far as I know the totally cost is like $100,000ish wait so my church is gonna spend all this money to expand instead of helping out the poor people in the area(well given the fact that it’s in the same county as Microsoft most people is rich)but how about the areas beyond that point?
I am not saying the churches shouldn’t do things for their benefit but I think my church is big enough to hold many people.

Moving on from churches I hate the fact that Gosples needs to be bought. If there was one music that should be free is religious musics. Why it’s words of god and I mean shouldn’t it be freely used? Same goes for Bibles, Koran or what ever u believe (beside atheist but I guess we can take Science books lol)

Tell me if u disagrees and why plz I would love to know the other side of the story


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National coming out Day?!?!?!

I just found out the most interesting thing in the world
My birthday Oct 11th is National coming out day LOL

Although coming out is more gear toward Homosexuality but to be an atheist there is a bit of coming out elements to it

So here I go How I became an atheist and came out few years ago

I was Christian when I was young but didn’t go to church or anything but I believed that God existed and Bible was right no matter what
But by 5th grade I learned a interesting topic “Evolution” the theory (which should be a fact now) really hit me in the head and made myself ask it is possible to perform miracles that God made? If God was real why do other people have doubts and even deny that God is real
For few year I was an agnostic I was put into a Christian school and got to learn more about the Bible not my favorite thing but I was interested to find out about the religion
But 8th grade I really sat down and thought about what I had learned over the years I realized I was a atheist

Coming out for me wasn’t hard my parents didn’t care and they also shorts knew I was atheist
But now it has gotten hard for me. My parents from time to time forget that I am an atheist. And they also have became a big Christian not that I hate it I just find it bit weird my parents forced me to go to church

May be one of these days I need to come out again may be my next year on Oct. 11th

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Brand new start

Hey so if u have visited my previous website it has now moved to here the move was due to the YouTube channel name different which I believ could have caused a confusion
In order to save the few ppl readin this blog
I have decided to make a new domain website the older websites will be up to redirect to here so subscribe and comment a lot here

I am truly sorry for another move but I think it gonna work out fine ^^


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Everyone knows I can look into my stats and see people are visiting but no comments T..T

I love all who visits my site and when u do a simple Hello would make my life better!!!

Leave lots of comments and questions


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Conformity by the religion

Conformity of religion

Conformity in our society wasn’t made through our minds and out belief
Simply making a decision based on what others do Religion is no exception Christianity for example has been around for very long time
How did it survive all these years??
It’s simple it changed with the culture of each era even decades
The perfect example it the new movements inside the belief of Christianity of accepting LGBT community just few years ago it was a impossibility but in the last 2 or 3 years Many things happened “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy was taken down California and New York approved Gay marriages.
So really is religion rigid? Or does it look like it
Not convinced?

Take morality for example many Christians believe that morality is Objective But if the morality is objective I should have been killed for disobeying my parents and other sins I might have caused 0-0
Then Christians will say “That’s old testaments, we don’t follow that anymore” Wait what?? Isn’t God always right?? So he is wrong ?? that’s something to say
Consider the following videos for more explanations


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Sparks of Insanity

Hahaha So how many of u like Jeff Dumham well I know I love his shows but to bad this has nothing to do with him lol

Anyways just few hours ago my friend posted a picture on her wall
In simple words it said
“atheism is belief of nothing and something came out of that nothing”

Well I have to argue that Everyone believes that something came from nothing

Think deeply into the religion
A man called God came from no where and created this world

Most Atheists believe in Big Bang and we don’t know how that started so really nothing started life

Today I found a common ground for religion and Atheism Let’s put it to use

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