Conformity by the religion

03 Oct

Conformity of religion

Conformity in our society wasn’t made through our minds and out belief
Simply making a decision based on what others do Religion is no exception Christianity for example has been around for very long time
How did it survive all these years??
It’s simple it changed with the culture of each era even decades
The perfect example it the new movements inside the belief of Christianity of accepting LGBT community just few years ago it was a impossibility but in the last 2 or 3 years Many things happened “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy was taken down California and New York approved Gay marriages.
So really is religion rigid? Or does it look like it
Not convinced?

Take morality for example many Christians believe that morality is Objective But if the morality is objective I should have been killed for disobeying my parents and other sins I might have caused 0-0
Then Christians will say “That’s old testaments, we don’t follow that anymore” Wait what?? Isn’t God always right?? So he is wrong ?? that’s something to say
Consider the following videos for more explanations


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