14 Oct

We are one greedy animals we make money off of everything we possibly can and it’s gotten bad

Over last few years the economy of this country and others has been very bad.

I believe there is one solution get the freakin churches and big corporations to pay tax. I know it’s risky thing but think about how much money US government can roll in. We need to consider this seriously Apple Inc. has more money then the Government. Don’t you think that’s wrong?

But what does this have to do with church well according to my History teacher churches don’t pay tax
Now correct me if I am wrong but don’t u think churches should pay taxes?? I mean my church has enough money to build another building and buy more lands and as far as I know the totally cost is like $100,000ish wait so my church is gonna spend all this money to expand instead of helping out the poor people in the area(well given the fact that it’s in the same county as Microsoft most people is rich)but how about the areas beyond that point?
I am not saying the churches shouldn’t do things for their benefit but I think my church is big enough to hold many people.

Moving on from churches I hate the fact that Gosples needs to be bought. If there was one music that should be free is religious musics. Why it’s words of god and I mean shouldn’t it be freely used? Same goes for Bibles, Koran or what ever u believe (beside atheist but I guess we can take Science books lol)

Tell me if u disagrees and why plz I would love to know the other side of the story


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6 responses to “Money

  1. Sofia

    January 13, 2012 at 3:52 am

    The video is religion adapting to our culture? I’m afraid you’ve lost me. Could you define religion as you’re using it and explain?

    God thinks on a different wavelength than we do. It’s cliche, but here’s a classic example that’s not even religious. Let’s say a little kid wants to eat 20 cookies right before dinner. Well, if you have that much sugar right before dinner with such conditions, you’d obviously have some stomach problems.

    Kid’s timeline: I want 20 cookies. NOW.
    Parent’s: Eat dinner, maybe have 2 cookies, let it digest bla bla go to bed in peace.

    Granted, God can never be understood in his entirety. It’s not a question of individual intelligence, humans are, to the dismay of many, limited. That make sense.

    • Sofia

      January 13, 2012 at 3:57 am

      My mistake, I pressed “Post Comment”.
      I meant to have a question mark, not a period at the end of the last sentence.

      Your prayer theory has my interest piqued. Would you mind sharing?

    • h31vry5

      January 13, 2012 at 5:30 am

      I think you have to think bit differently if you wish to fully understand what I am trying to say

      The video is adaptation to our culture because religion has adpated many times. Not only Christianity, but also Greek, Muslums, and other ones as well.

      Prime exapmle would be the Greeks to Roman. The transistion from the Greek Mthyology to Roman Mtyhyology was made by the government to make themselves sound cool. Which you should have learned in World history. ( why Because they wanted s cool genesis story, so they hired a guy to write one for them )

      And the whole God has his logic isnt making any sense in that, If God was real, we live in his world, his creation. Then why is it that We cannot understand what God`s logic is.
      I think if we cant be certain of an idea, we shouldnt be considering that its real until enough evidence is found.

      and Yes I am aware of the stuff they found in Islam but might want to check this out as a side note

  2. Sofia

    January 11, 2012 at 11:27 am

    I don’t usually repost things that are going around, but I think this is really relevant to the first part of your entry.

    As for buying bibles and such, the reality is that this is a material world. We can’t just pray “God put a bible in my hands” and expect ink, paper, and binding to form in front of us. Of course, one can always pray for God for a bible and maybe the next day, you see someone who has a spare bible to give away somewhere.

    Even if it weren’t, I think Christians think it a worthy investment, especially on a study bible of a sort, which are usually much more expensive. If people really prayed and dedicated themselves for material funds, more than they wasted their energy on other things, then it’s likely that they’d run into less trouble, but when prayers are prayed, the praying has to believe that the prayer will be answered. That’s faith. What’s more, they must be patient, God has his own time line, he is not bound to human bounds.

    • h31vry5

      January 12, 2012 at 6:17 am

      I have seen this video get posted few times
      It does raise good points but from my point of view I doesnt effect what I believe.
      In fact this video is great example of Religion adapting to our culture
      It is very relevent yes but doesnt lead me to believe that Christianty has learned anything sadly

      I do have a ridiculous theory about how praying works
      Its my own explanations for what other might call a “miracle”

      Last sentence does somewhat intriges me “God has his own time line”?
      Would you mind explaning that to me?

      And Thanks for Commenting ^^


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