Speed speed speed

06 Nov

So if u just landed on this site I am 17 years old Korean student attending Kamiak High School in Mukilteo WA

Living in both cultures allowed me to see many diverse things in our tiny planet
It is not only fun but also interesting

One of Korea’s big title given by most foreigners who study about Korea is 빨리빨리(pronounced Bal li Bal li) or Fast Fast in English
And this culture pushed Korea into fast growing economy joining the G20 last year(tell me if I am wrong about this) and the UN is lead by Korean Bun Moon Gi who was reelected just few months ago

But did this culture benefit anyone personally?
I would say it didn’t The speed which many things move in Korea is hard to get used to and hard to get off of its like a drug
Many Koreans want faster things but trust me fast means almost horrible quality
When I began blogging it was more about how much I can do and then it was How much and how fast?
But I am rethinking that it should have been from the start

How Well

I am going to post much as possible with good quality
Hope I will get more Subscribers doing so

Thanks Plz sub my Blog I feel like I am talking to a wall

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