Judgment Of this Soceity

07 Nov

I recently posted on my facebook wall this

Plz Christians don’t tell me u not to judge U
When ur gonna judge me for being an atheist
Get ur fu**ing mind straight

My mom saw this post and told me to stop this stupidity

and that Colleges will see this and not accpet me

Well mom I dont care

few minutes later I posted this

Society can try all it’s wants I am not conforming in anyways
I am who I am and there is no turning back from the truth

I wish my mom could read english well enough to understand what I am going through

what she doesnt understand is the fact that I am an Atheist

there is no worng in that

She also said that I would like my church better If i made friends

Well I am always late I dont stay for small group

even if I who with their right mind say “Lets be friends!!” to an atheist

Mother Plz tell me you arent judging me

cuz I feel that U are


Hope the Day will come

when my mom understands Me


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