WE are all WRONG……

07 Mar

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein

I have always believed that Science should work to prove that Atheists are right, but after reading this quote the purpose I had define Science with has become an enigma to me, why does Science has to battle Religion?

Groundswell made by the Theist and Atheist are simple vituperative statements to bring each other down, and sometimes people like me, who are irascible, rants on about how Science is superior to Religion

But Science is nothing more than the study of nature and its building blocks, and Religion is no more than a moral guide written millions of years ago by some random dude or by “God“. So how it is that these to groups, Atheists and Theists, try to incriminate one another.

Both comes in nice dapper books, the penchant toward one subject or the other is made due to what you see or more importantly how you see the world. Only remnant list of things are found common between the two. there is no way either of the two views can accost each other of wrong doing. Both have dearth of evidence to prove each other completely wrong.

we have a predilection to preemptively not listen to other side of the story,

So where do we draw the line between, Science and Religion? This isn’t that hard. Simple infuse the practices of the two. Follow the moral values given by the religion of your choice, and create an eccentric list that seem paragon to you, and practice the scientific logical reasoning on day-to-day basis.

For centuries Science and religion has tormented each other, and that only caused fiasco in relationships among families and friends. We must stop this diatribe and work together and one big society.

This is not just a simple trivial matter, this requires much more attention that most of our friends and family are giving. We should be able to relish our lives on the face of the Earth, not fight till you die. All that will do will lead you to the life of forlorn. I been there, it’s not fun unless u enjoy them as much as I did.

Even after this epiphany I still firmly uphold my view of being Anti-religious, but now I will do so in more cavalier ways.

Last thing, if you have known me in the last few years or so, I have been a strong non-conformist….. I just compromised, I just made a RADICAL change in my opinion. Am I completely right? I don’t know, but I do know that This would allow me to create a life style that will make euphoria out of two completely unrelated instruments.


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5 responses to “WE are all WRONG……

  1. jerrellctn

    March 11, 2012 at 10:54 am

    First, one must decide if they wish to accept the conclusions of either Science or Religion or ignore them; or, disagree with either or both. Second, one must be certain that you as a individual person do indeed exist and all this is not an illusion or dream (Buddhist influence).

    I too am prejudiced against the present day religions. I go to a Baptist church because my wife wants to go, and after searching myself, I determined that it is best to go there too, although most of their beliefs seem to be off target and at least 2,000 years out of date. The preacher is fond of saying, “the Bible says it, I believe it, and that is that”. If one researches just a little about the history of how the present day Bible was compiled, then one knows that it is highly suspect that “God” inspired the writers and every word should therefore be considered as the “Word of God”. While panning for Truth in this steam called Southern Baptist, I have found some nuggets of Gold among the dirt and dross. The trick is to know what is and is not true, and what is or is not believable. If your believe, good; but, if you don’t believe, good as well. Each must stand on there on in the final analysis.

    How can one look outward to see inward, and the God of most religions put God’s domain up there in the heavens rather than within the very energy that makes all things exist. I am fond of saying that God is replicating Itself in infinite and varied forms, and that is the only reason why we exist: to be one of these forms. Our purpose is yet to be determined however.

    My first 20 years were as a conventional Christian; the next 10 as an agnostic; and, the last 35 years looking for contact with the God of Reality. You must expect growth. The main issue now is: “Does God actually exist and how can I make contact if He does”? God existed before the universe was made 14.6 Billion years ago, and I have found God (He, She, It, Neuter, and something not yet understandable) is very patient, so keep looking for what suits you. Good hunting!!

  2. asdf

    March 7, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    It’s because theists believe that religion is more than just “moral codes,” and atheists believe that religion IS just “moral codes.” You are making a statement that generalizes all atheists and give a straightforward WRONG definition that generalizes all religions (which can’t be really done because all religions claim to be different).

    • h31vry5

      March 7, 2012 at 5:10 pm

      I am not exactly stating this from atheists views
      I am rather saying that Science has no role in Morality and Religion has no role in laws of nature
      I Do see that I am not exactly clear about it I guess I should go practice English bit more hahaha


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