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Update on


So if you remember this post

I posted my essay on her before submitting my essay on to test its legitimacy
I don’t really have problem with the service but with budget cuts in school I believe my school is wasting money with the service.

The service depend on user submission and search results online.

Well, by doing this weird experiment, I was able to conclude that’s algorithms are not wrong?

This is a service many school pays a lot to catch plagiarism. A student just simulated plagiarism yet I haven’t been caught?? I wonder how many kids got away plagiarizing.

This clearly shows that those who got caught are just unlucky ppl…

I don’t know what to say any more aside from I should probably let school, and other places know my findings.

What is your opinion on this ridiculous experiment??


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My new bracelet

I am sorry
I have to be bit girly on this post and show off my awesome new bracelet that my aunt sent me few days ago.

So, I got the package today and came with few I ❤ NY t-shirt, mine was gray, and few bracelets for my sister and me.

Guess what it has on it….
No, it does not say infidel.
No, it doesn't have a skull on it.
No, not the devil either, but I would like that one.

It actually has a Cross on it!!

Yes, a cross as in the cross that Jesus died on.

So, why am I keeping it?

Well for one reason really.

For one thing, I think it will be a great prank I can pull with my friends with this.

Ya Like I always say I am a kid. I want to have fun in my life
I already posted that this wasnt real so I am gonna see what happens

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Brand new start

Hey so if u have visited my previous website it has now moved to here the move was due to the YouTube channel name different which I believ could have caused a confusion
In order to save the few ppl readin this blog
I have decided to make a new domain website the older websites will be up to redirect to here so subscribe and comment a lot here

I am truly sorry for another move but I think it gonna work out fine ^^


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Video blog(updated with my channel)

So ever since summer I have said I will do Video Bloging
Well I can’t keep on that promise cuz I am a Junior at High School and for those of us who care about school I shouldn’t even be posting lol

But if I do great on my SAT and I can rest from studyin just a bit I will post
I did make a channel on YouTube

subscribe ahead so you wont miss anything

Thanks for readin
Invite your friend and I am alway happy to answer your questions

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New post comin

I just wrote an essay for my english class and It about Atheism lol of course

So I am gonna put that on here about 2morrow

Thanks I have seen that some people are visiting my blog

Seriously I have no time to put my Vblog lol I think I will do that upcoming summer or my senior year

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School started

Hey I know I haven’t posted like I said I would because I was busy getting ready for school last minute Summer vacation
So yup school started and I am already freaking out with my life ㅠㅠ
I have three AP two honors and band
And 3 tutors who gives me HW that takes few ours
And then Band I am in PepBand(it’s required)

So I don’t really have a time to think about something and post

I will post frequently as possible but that would mean may be once every two weeks or so

Thanks for reading my blog

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Ok So I have decided that i am going got move my blog from blog spot to Word-press just because there is an iPod app that i can use to post anytime easily!!
Sorry for anyone who isnt fan of this site I am not so happy about this move either but only way

My YouTube channel has something to with my new account`s Nickname!!

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OMFG so there are few major things that are about to happen

1. VIDEO BLOG 0-0 on YouTube
my channel is called H31Vry5 I know it’s weird but I wanted something weird
I don’t regret that I registered for it 0-0 because I get to meet new people and share ideas
3. My cousins are coming I asked them to bring me computer books HAHAHA NERDINESS RIGHT THERE
4. SAT
I AM GONNA be a junior that means studying hard I wll try to keep posting but Yes I might not do so so frequently
I am thinking of switching to wordpress becuase there is Free app that I can easily use So if that happens I will inform u guys assuming there is people reading this 0-0


Update : I am in fact moving to T..T
Visit ht new site!

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Video Blog?!?!

I feel like I am blogging for nothing so I decided that over the summer I am going to do Video blog or vblog on YouTube….

I haven’t thought of any channel name but expect something nerdy hahaha

If any of Human kind is reading this please give me ideas for Channel name


>I just realized that i forgotten my weekly blog post………….

>I was doing HW from my tutor and came across my favorite story
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut
at some point of your life you have read this….
the last three line is the line that i realize it was the story
“Gee-I could tell that one was doozy,” said Hazel
“You could say that again,” said George.
“Gee-“said Hazel, “I could tell that one was doozy.”
does these line ring any bell??
I love this story and i felt the connection between Harrison Bergeron and me.
I did not die  but i did die internally.
The pressure to become what i have been told by majority of people to do……….


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