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Update on


So if you remember this post

I posted my essay on her before submitting my essay on to test its legitimacy
I don’t really have problem with the service but with budget cuts in school I believe my school is wasting money with the service.

The service depend on user submission and search results online.

Well, by doing this weird experiment, I was able to conclude that’s algorithms are not wrong?

This is a service many school pays a lot to catch plagiarism. A student just simulated plagiarism yet I haven’t been caught?? I wonder how many kids got away plagiarizing.

This clearly shows that those who got caught are just unlucky ppl…

I don’t know what to say any more aside from I should probably let school, and other places know my findings.

What is your opinion on this ridiculous experiment??


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My new bracelet

I am sorry
I have to be bit girly on this post and show off my awesome new bracelet that my aunt sent me few days ago.

So, I got the package today and came with few I ❤ NY t-shirt, mine was gray, and few bracelets for my sister and me.

Guess what it has on it….
No, it does not say infidel.
No, it doesn't have a skull on it.
No, not the devil either, but I would like that one.

It actually has a Cross on it!!

Yes, a cross as in the cross that Jesus died on.

So, why am I keeping it?

Well for one reason really.

For one thing, I think it will be a great prank I can pull with my friends with this.

Ya Like I always say I am a kid. I want to have fun in my life
I already posted that this wasnt real so I am gonna see what happens

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Brand new start

Hey so if u have visited my previous website it has now moved to here the move was due to the YouTube channel name different which I believ could have caused a confusion
In order to save the few ppl readin this blog
I have decided to make a new domain website the older websites will be up to redirect to here so subscribe and comment a lot here

I am truly sorry for another move but I think it gonna work out fine ^^


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Video blog(updated with my channel)

So ever since summer I have said I will do Video Bloging
Well I can’t keep on that promise cuz I am a Junior at High School and for those of us who care about school I shouldn’t even be posting lol

But if I do great on my SAT and I can rest from studyin just a bit I will post
I did make a channel on YouTube

subscribe ahead so you wont miss anything

Thanks for readin
Invite your friend and I am alway happy to answer your questions

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New post comin

I just wrote an essay for my english class and It about Atheism lol of course

So I am gonna put that on here about 2morrow

Thanks I have seen that some people are visiting my blog

Seriously I have no time to put my Vblog lol I think I will do that upcoming summer or my senior year

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School started

Hey I know I haven’t posted like I said I would because I was busy getting ready for school last minute Summer vacation
So yup school started and I am already freaking out with my life ㅠㅠ
I have three AP two honors and band
And 3 tutors who gives me HW that takes few ours
And then Band I am in PepBand(it’s required)

So I don’t really have a time to think about something and post

I will post frequently as possible but that would mean may be once every two weeks or so

Thanks for reading my blog

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Ok So I have decided that i am going got move my blog from blog spot to Word-press just because there is an iPod app that i can use to post anytime easily!!
Sorry for anyone who isnt fan of this site I am not so happy about this move either but only way

My YouTube channel has something to with my new account`s Nickname!!

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