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Free engraving and Company name generator?

company name generator


So I need to link that up there to get free name plate from (Click on the side bar and follow the instructions)

that tool actually I needed so double win for me ūüôā

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Grow a pair


I know I been very lazy, but I have good reason. I am a high school student senior to be exact. I been preparing for College admissions and my plans to take part in program called running start(where u attend Community College for high school credit :P) is kind of hassle.

Anyways I am back for today to talk bit about my pet peeve.

People refusing to talk about religious matters. I¬†am¬†pretty sure pastors will agree that many of not most religious people have hard time evangelizing¬†to others. The problem isn’t that he or she has no faith. The problem is that many religious people have no faith in themselves or think that Atheists are hard minded idiots(talk about¬†irony). I have many friends who are self-proclaimed¬†“Christians“, but when I have conversations with them. They don’t know¬†their¬†own shit. Seriously, few days ago the ever so¬†lovely¬†topic of virginity came out, and one of the girl asked, “Why is¬†celibacy¬†important?” She had no clue why¬†Christians “try” to practices celibacy. (If you didn’t know, I believe in the Old Testament¬†states that women must be a virgin when she gets married, and that her father must prove that she is by showing a “wet bed”) This kind of ideas should have been thought. If¬†Christians¬†themselves don’t know¬†their¬†own culture’s origins. We have big issues. It’s partly caused by the growing new generation’s ignorance.

Ignorance¬†isn’t¬†bliss my friends. Refusing to talk about things that are uncomfortable isn’t a way to deal with situations. Religion, more than anything else, should be discussed with friends and family to expand knowledge of one’s own culture, but to gain understanding of others. I would say that IGNORANCE has caused these stupid religious wars.

9/11 (War in middle east is about Oils, but there is underlying Religious agenda)

At the end of the day what is there to lose to debate? Aren’t all conclusions reached by¬†debating?

Most importantly isn’t debating how those¬†philosophers¬†able to create¬†Math, Science, Religion, Art, and other beauties we enjoy(Granted majority of humans hate Math and Science aside from them). Those things were “perfected” by people debating about how each equations work. Every year Scientists find something new. Every now and then we find awesome new stars, particles, animals, and other natural beauties.



Seriously, what do you have to lose?

May be YOU AND I will learn something, and just may be YOU might have EVANGELIZED without realizing.



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I love YouTubers


I been on YouTube a lot lately you know prepare for the great videos i am gonna do and everything

Here is one I found very funny

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Jessie J - Domino

Image by Captivated Designs via Flickr


I know I have been promising a vblog ever since I dont know last summer but I never got to it cuz i didnt have TIME !

Well I am seriously hoping start it Next year and to kick it off I am making this video which will be up hopefully by next week

I am doing a MV for song Stand Up by Jessie J

I will have links to my channel when the video is out

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Why we laugh At them


This has bad quality I know but its funny just litening to it

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