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Everyone knows I can look into my stats and see people are visiting but no comments T..T

I love all who visits my site and when u do a simple Hello would make my life better!!!

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Conformity by the religion

Conformity of religion

Conformity in our society wasn’t made through our minds and out belief
Simply making a decision based on what others do Religion is no exception Christianity for example has been around for very long time
How did it survive all these years??
It’s simple it changed with the culture of each era even decades
The perfect example it the new movements inside the belief of Christianity of accepting LGBT community just few years ago it was a impossibility but in the last 2 or 3 years Many things happened “Don’t ask Don’t tell” policy was taken down California and New York approved Gay marriages.
So really is religion rigid? Or does it look like it
Not convinced?

Take morality for example many Christians believe that morality is Objective But if the morality is objective I should have been killed for disobeying my parents and other sins I might have caused 0-0
Then Christians will say “That’s old testaments, we don’t follow that anymore” Wait what?? Isn’t God always right?? So he is wrong ?? that’s something to say
Consider the following videos for more explanations


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Sparks of Insanity

Hahaha So how many of u like Jeff Dumham well I know I love his shows but to bad this has nothing to do with him lol

Anyways just few hours ago my friend posted a picture on her wall
In simple words it said
“atheism is belief of nothing and something came out of that nothing”

Well I have to argue that Everyone believes that something came from nothing

Think deeply into the religion
A man called God came from no where and created this world

Most Atheists believe in Big Bang and we don’t know how that started so really nothing started life

Today I found a common ground for religion and Atheism Let’s put it to use

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Video blog(updated with my channel)

So ever since summer I have said I will do Video Bloging
Well I can’t keep on that promise cuz I am a Junior at High School and for those of us who care about school I shouldn’t even be posting lol

But if I do great on my SAT and I can rest from studyin just a bit I will post
I did make a channel on YouTube

subscribe ahead so you wont miss anything

Thanks for readin
Invite your friend and I am alway happy to answer your questions

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My essay I promised

Since the beginning of written history religion has been around to infulence us in many different ways. Some good but some bad. We led many wars and rejected many people. Religion has always been useful for keeping people moral, but in this era is it really necessary? I believe not. We have been living long enough to determined what is right and wrong without a call from GOD.
Sin, a big word in religion especially Christianity, but the sins described in Bible relevant to our century? The on going debate of gay marriage is an silly debate which Christians are losing. But if we were to Follow Christian belief into our laws then I should be condone to death for being rebellious to my parents. Now is that one of debate Christians sparked. No! And many either doesn’t know, or does not wish to talk about this part of Bible.
Religion has created violence within our society in the form of most destructive way, War. The crusaders were a group of soldiers who had on goal and one Gail only, to take back the holy land from Muslims in the area, but the war took a different turn as the soldiers became greedy. They started to take money and other valuables from the citizens of surrounding cities. Second expedition wasn’t any better as this time the soldiers were only thinking about stealing then to rescue the holy city.
Some can argue that Crusaders weren’t really Christians. Well then in more modern time, there is a war that has been going for few years. The war in Afghanistan had started due to many terrorist attacks started by Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qadea, which practices Sunni Islamist, a form of Muslim. Many say that war was started so that US can steal Oil off of the Middle east country but I believe there was unknown message that war started due to Religious differences.
Whether is simple as bashing some kid for being different or starting a full on war. Religion has become useless device of the past. It is no longer a double edged sword, it has dulled down to single edged sword. A one that has led millions of out family into Death. Religions has tried to say relevant into our life by taking different forms. Just Christianity itself has taken 100,000 different branches. Is it really necessary to have one? We dont, We want it for our pleasures, And even some pious people has realized that, people such as Flannery O`Connor shows this in her book A Good Man is Hard to Find.

Here is the essay that I promised a week ago sorry I didn’t have time to upload it I have been seeing some visits Keep coming even though I might might not be posting regularly
And tell ur friends about it

BTW I wrote this during A sermon Lol I know funny How I got the idea to do this inside the church lol

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New post comin

I just wrote an essay for my english class and It about Atheism lol of course

So I am gonna put that on here about 2morrow

Thanks I have seen that some people are visiting my blog

Seriously I have no time to put my Vblog lol I think I will do that upcoming summer or my senior year

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Last weekend I was at Mt. Rainer for a hike….
Because my brain lack lot of oxygen I Promised that I will go Vegetarian for 4 week Yes a month
With that said today is the first day… I failed already cuz I ate hamburger T..T lazy mother but besides that I hope I can keep my promise 0-0
So I need help if anyone is reading these posts comment below for websites to help me out

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