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My new bracelet

I am sorry
I have to be bit girly on this post and show off my awesome new bracelet that my aunt sent me few days ago.

So, I got the package today and came with few I ❤ NY t-shirt, mine was gray, and few bracelets for my sister and me.

Guess what it has on it….
No, it does not say infidel.
No, it doesn't have a skull on it.
No, not the devil either, but I would like that one.

It actually has a Cross on it!!

Yes, a cross as in the cross that Jesus died on.

So, why am I keeping it?

Well for one reason really.

For one thing, I think it will be a great prank I can pull with my friends with this.

Ya Like I always say I am a kid. I want to have fun in my life
I already posted that this wasnt real so I am gonna see what happens

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Truth, Lies, and Life

Its funny Truth is so hard to tell
Even for me and I like truth

It’s funny Truth hurts
Even for me and I have been bruised many times

It’s funny lie is so easy
Even for me and I hate lies

It’s funny lie hurts
Even for me and I have been bruised many times

It’s funny life is magnificent
Even for me and I have seen many things

It’s funny life hurts
Cause it’s made with truth and lies

I worte this recently after watching the famous I hate religion but love Jesus. I dont know how they relate but LOL I had fun writing this one

I usally post these on my facebook wall so subcribe me you will see more and other stupid posts about me ^^


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Doctor Who? Insanity of my mind

If ur my friend on facebook few weeks ago I had the doctor who craze haha
I saw the whole season 5 and 6 in less then a month and I am waiting for the next season where hoping the cast won’t change I ❤ River Song and Amelia Pond!!!!!
Till now I enjoyed the show as just a show but let's say this is real stuff
Silence is a scary things but I am not here to talk about those monsters
I want to talk about the star of the show the Doctor
During the last EP of season 5 River suggests an idea so compelling for people like me
"I hate magicians and good guys in those stories, it always turns out to be the doctor"
What a thought what if there was a time traveller that saves the day and he could be the good guys like Jesus and Budda and so on
I know it's a crazy talk but wouldn't it be the ultimate downfall of all religion 0-0

Hahaha I would be so not surprised if this actually happened
My friends call me insane for even having this idea but hey when ur atheist u short of already insane

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