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Who is good and WHo is bad??

Wow Washington is letting people have equal rights!!

If you haven’t heard the gay marriage bill was passed on as a law, even though the bill isn’t fully law, this shows the US’s movements to fight for the right of every citizen of this country.

So having to hear this I was happy for them even if I wasn’t gay.

When I heard “my pastor” say

when something good is about to happen, there is always something bad happens to destroy them

Wait what? U f$@&ing want to destroy the law that gives right to everyone to get married to anyone they want. And that’s good? Not giving people equal right is good?

I see I told you they were Hippocrates. I don’t care what she meant in context. This one line, still is disturbing to the point where I want to burn the church down…

Guys whether u don’t agree with my point of view or not. We will probably agree that we don’t think at all these days.

So let’s take a moment to step back from all of this, and question, ask, and think about it. I don’t mean just starting at the screen thinking about what to eat for lunch or dinner. I want you think philosophically, like how Socrates would have thought or Plato and other great philosophers of their time.

And I will hope that we can become better people after stopping for that short amount of time.

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