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We are one greedy animals we make money off of everything we possibly can and it’s gotten bad

Over last few years the economy of this country and others has been very bad.

I believe there is one solution get the freakin churches and big corporations to pay tax. I know it’s risky thing but think about how much money US government can roll in. We need to consider this seriously Apple Inc. has more money then the Government. Don’t you think that’s wrong?

But what does this have to do with church well according to my History teacher churches don’t pay tax
Now correct me if I am wrong but don’t u think churches should pay taxes?? I mean my church has enough money to build another building and buy more lands and as far as I know the totally cost is like $100,000ish wait so my church is gonna spend all this money to expand instead of helping out the poor people in the area(well given the fact that it’s in the same county as Microsoft most people is rich)but how about the areas beyond that point?
I am not saying the churches shouldn’t do things for their benefit but I think my church is big enough to hold many people.

Moving on from churches I hate the fact that Gosples needs to be bought. If there was one music that should be free is religious musics. Why it’s words of god and I mean shouldn’t it be freely used? Same goes for Bibles, Koran or what ever u believe (beside atheist but I guess we can take Science books lol)

Tell me if u disagrees and why plz I would love to know the other side of the story


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