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Glee FTW?

Let me remind you I am a teenager.
And yes I am somewhat of a Gleek…..(I am a geek as well but lets talk about that some other time)

SO watching yesterdays episode was somewhat disturbing and “well tought out” script.

Frist the weird…. I loved Damian and Samuel from Glee Project (yes I watched it cuz I had nothing else to entertain me) but I don’t really like the roles that they have taken on. I mean Rory(Damian) is so easily ignored only pops up a frame or two, and sings quite differently then he did in the competition. For Samuel, I knew he was gonna be like this. I do recall that Ryan Murphy wanting a christian character. So there wasnt much of surprise at all…. But his intro was weird and I didn’t love either of the charters role in the show..

OK, now for the good?
The overall story line of Glee, according to Ryan Murphy himself, is about being an underdog… So he mean Homosexual.. I get it, I understand that these are the minority Glee wants to show off as good people, but they have taken the idea and stretched and chopped it to the point I just think they are abusing a topic. Even with this much criticism, Glee makes some good points about how everyone should be.

I loved when Joe(Samuel) said

Being Christian is about Loving others

or Something like that, and I think no one does this. Most people in my life, who was christian, was quite accepting of others. Something religion ought to do, rather than hating.

My favorite part was when Santana asked “the God squad” to sing for her GirlFriend Brittany. Santana has to be my favorite character on the show, with all that Diva shit. She is the best, aside from Sue.

So overall I am just gonna say this wasnt my favorite episode, but I am going to recommend others to see.


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