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Made for each other

As I was laying in my bed and speaking to myself, as I usally do, I realized that Religion is a Technology.

I know it sounds upsurd in many ways but read and tell me what you think on the comments.

It was not so long ago that I cam across this video from Big Think, which is great website BTW.

Now if you are an Atheist, you can see that arguement making somewhat sense to you.

But if you arent, you probably either thinking ok, or this is Sh**

In case your the people who will deny this fact refer back to may horrible eassy.

9/1 Crusaders all were part of “Religious conques. There is no doubt that they were political moves like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and others are making on his campaign for presidency.

Fact is, its wrong to campaign for presidency and to be elected just because the guy believes in the same thing you do.

I think thats why this country is in this state, I am not saying countries without Religious politicians are doing well. I am just saying that Countries withous religious politicians are doing bit better. But then again what do I know right? ( -0- )

Its clear that from some point of view that he world has truned secular, but was that for the worst? U have teenagers like me who are secular and doing just fine and wanting to make this world better. The only problem is the people who are against it, and I am talking about people who will simply read this and dismiss this kinds of posts as sh** and just walk away without thinking about it.

What has an Atheist done to make this country or other countries for that matter worse? while clearly most of Athesitic countries are doing better off.

Clearly this shows you what I mean. I hope you will think about this before voting for the next president. Seriously Think…

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Foolish enough to fall for yet smart enough to know

This video to me in very intriging in a way that this video points out that there is fallacies within the religion and the chruch.

but what is stopping this person from just making this video and not taking any actions? Isnt he also responsible for covering up somethings.

I have seen my friends share this on theri wall and praise it highly, yet fail to follow.

I honesly dont think this video will effect me at all, or other for that matter.

I just glad to see that some realized thier own mistakes.

Fomr other stand veiw point, this video show how religion adpats to out culture.This video is not only able to present a probelm and a solution to the problems. in that this marks the changes that will gradually happen over time as the transistion to the ne generation, our generation, happens.

Accepctence, to many things that religion has not approved before in order to “survive” another decade or so


(Update) After posting this one of my favorite Youtuber posted a video about it and what he sees in the vide.

He has vaild points dont just not watch it cuz he swears a lot


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